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Welcome to Clearjoy A Unique Home for Senior Citizens in Barbados.

Clearjoy Senior Citizens' Home offers compassionate, personalized care provided by our friendly, dedicated staff of trained professionals.

Licensed and regulated by the Barbados Ministry of Health, Clearjoy Home Care Limited is a family owned company founded in 1995.

Located at the northern end of Barbados and overlooking the ocean, Clearjoy offers a quiet, panoramic view of flowing sugar cane fields, winding country roads and gentle rolling hills. A pleasant home-like atmosphere. The perfect remedy for peace of mind.

Our continual elderly care training helps us develop a team of healthcare professionals to better meet your needs. Our comprehensive approach to elder care focuses on medical "best practices" and the personal physician's care plan.

We believe that dedication must be promoted by management; supervisors must manage by example; promoting a caring, learning environment and acknowledging a job well done.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the high standard of care for the elderly in a safe, warm, friendly and home-like environment where each individual

  • maintains a sense of self-esteem and identity
  • finds daily enjoyment and satisfaction
  • secures dignity and peace

Our Values

  • Safety... In all we do, at all times
  • Excellence ... Hard Work + Teamwork
  • ntegrity... In thought and deed. We do what we say we are going to do; our word is our bond.

Care and Supportat home for Elders

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Whether in need of daily personal care or simply recuperating after illness contact us